Karmacloset Petite Clothing-9 best petite coats

Petite clothing: 9 best winter coats

Whether you want to look sleek in winter for office or comfortably play in the snow, we’ve got you covered. We researched hundreds of petite bloggers to find the best winter coats for your petite frame.

We have three categories of recommendations:
* Classic and chic winter coats
* Trendy winter coats
* Casual and comfy winter coats

1. Classic and Chic Winter Coats

For ladies who just love classic and chic looks, we recommend walker coat and topcoat. Both styles hit above the knees and show off more of your legs. This visual creates a better proportion and makes you look taller.

Take note, with your petite frame, some of these coats may end at the knees or run slightly below. Don’t let this frustrate you. Check the model’s height to pick the right length for yourself.

Winter Coats 1: Women’s Walker Coat

Karmacloset Winter Coats 1 Women walker coat Amy 1

The walker coat is a short overcoat that ends above the knee to allow more freedom for the wearer’s legs when walking. They are designed for ladies who commute to work in the city and needs a practical, warm top layer. They won’t get caught in the car door or make you feel stuffy on the subway.

Karmacloset Winter Sweaters for Petite Women Pearl Ruffle Sweater laminlouboutins 1
Photo credit: Amy from Fashion Jackson
Amy is 5’10″.

A camel walker coat is classic and versatile. We love this coat for its neutral color and simple cut. This color goes with just about everything! It looks amazing when paired with jeans for casual looks or worn over special occasion dresses. The styling options are endless, making this walker coat a great investment piece.

Women’s walker coat options

Karmacloset Winter Coats 1 Women walker coat-red _@agallonofglitter_ #2Karmacloset Winter Coats 1 Women walker coat-red _@agallonofglitter_ #1
Photo credit: Victoria from A Gallon Of Glitter
Victoria is 5’4″.

If you already have a neutral-colored closet or are in mood for some fun, try a vibrant colored coat. We love red because it is strong and powerful. It commands attention.
Bring out your inner boss in this red number.

Women’s walker coat options

Winter Coats 2: Topcoat with Detailed Waist

Another ideal winter coats for petite frames is a topcoat, which usually ends at or above the knees. There isn’t a strict definition of what differentiates topcoat from walker coat. We’ve found that brands use these terms interchangeably.

As a petite woman, look for a topcoat with a detailed waist. The design at the waist helps to define your waistline, create a balanced proportion and visually elongate your frame.

Karmacloset Winter Coats 2 Topcoat Lejla 1Karmacloset Winter Coats 2 Topcoat Lejla 2
Photo credit: Lejla from Hello it’s LOH
Lejla is 5’2″.

An olive topcoat is a great warm neutral to have in your winter collection. Notice how the detailed waist of her topcoat visually raises her waistline, rather than having it where the sweater ends.

Topcoat with Detailed Waist

Karmacloset Winter Coats 2 Harringbone Topcoat- brown _@petiteinblush_ #1Karmacloset Winter Coats 2 Harringbone Topcoat- brown _@petiteinblush_ #2
Photo credit: Desirée from Petite in Blush
Desirée is 5’0″.

Herringbone is a classic print for the winter style season. If you have mostly solid colors in your winter closet, consider this classic print to change things up. Notice how her waistline is visually raised by the detailed waist of this topcoat!

Topcoat with Detailed Waist

2. Trendy Winter Coats

For ladies who love wearing trends straight off the runway, we recommend a teddy bear coat or faux fur coat. These are the perfect styles to keep you warm while making a fashion statement. They’re highly versatile, so you can wear them on any occasion – from going to the theater to playing in the snow. You’ll totally be a showstopper.

Winter Coats 3: Simple Teddy Bear Coat

A teddy bear coat has been a big trend for this winter season. They look cute and chic, but they are always guaranteed to be cozy. This coat is made with super soft fleece and adds extra fun to any outfit.

Karmacloset Winter Coats 3 Simple Teddy Bear Coat bygracelee 1Karmacloset Winter Coats 3 Simple Teddy Bear Coat bygracelee 2
Photo credit: Grace from Gracefullee made
Grace is 5’2″.

Select a fun color to show the world your quirky personality and confidence. Not only is this teddy bear coat beautiful, it’s also extremely soft and warm. From your neighborhood park to a friends gathering, you don’t need to go somewhere extravagant to wear this look.

Simple Teddy Bear Coat Options

Winter Coats 4: Teddy Bear Coat with Hoodie

Karmacloset Winter Coats 4 Teddy Bear Coat overmystyledbody 1Karmacloset Winter Coats 4 Teddy Bear Coat overmystyledbody 1
Photo credit: Lyndsey from Over My Styled Body
Lyndsey is 5’0″.

If you want to take an adorable approach to the teddy bear coat, find one with a hoodie. It’s a more casual piece vs the blue one pictured above. This brown color is classic, and you will look like a real-life teddy bear. Lots of hugs will come your way because you are so darn cute!

Teddy Bear Coat with Hoodies

Winter Coats 5: Simple Faux Fur Coat

For ladies who love to be extra, a fur coat is for you! They make any outfit look luxurious. You always make a fashion statement when you wear fur, and faux fur is the animal-friendly option. Faux fur coats are also wonderful because they come in a wide range of colors to match your personality.

karmacloset Winter Coats Faux Fur Coat- burgundy _@oliviajeanette__ #2karmacloset Winter Coats Faux Fur Coat- burgundy _@oliviajeanette__ #1
Photo credit: Olivia from Olivia Jeanette
Olivia is 5’2″.

Glam up your snow attire with a faux fur coat. It’s warm and extremely chic. Most people think faux fur coat is only for special occasions. We’ve found that you can rock this style in everyday life by dressing it down, like with a simple all-neutral outfit (i.e., jeans and a black blouse).

Simple Faux Fur Coat Options

Cropped teddy bear cardigans are great for petites as well! The short length is ideal for creating a well-balanced proportion. These are flattering regardless of whether you pair it with pants or skirts.

Winter Coats 6: Multi-color Faux Fur Coat

Karmacloset Winter Coats Faux Fur Coat- multi _@laurenvansheriff_ #2Karmacloset Winter Coats Faux Fur Coat- multi _@laurenvansheriff_ #2
Photo credit: Lauren from Basic Babe Lauren
Lauren is 5’5″.

A multi-color faux fur coat is a cool variation for this trend. It’s eye-catching and beautiful. You can use it to add drama to any look by simply draping it over your shoulders. We recommend wearing neutrals underneath because multi-color faux fur coat is already so bold. Black faux leather leggings and OTK boots make the whole ensemble super sleek.

Multi-color Faux Fur Coat Options

3. Casual And Comfy Winter Coats

For the ladies who want to look put together while running errands in freezing weather, we recommend puffer coats and parkas. They’re designed to keep out snow, wind, and extreme cold. They are made of warmer materials than the previous coats listed, making these coats the most functional. They are perfect for any laid-back occasion from grocery shopping to skiing at a fun snow resort.

Winter Coats 7: Parka

Parkas are well-insulated, hooded, and typically waterproof or highly water-resistant. They can help you survive stormy weather while looking fashionable.

Karmacloset Winter Coats Parka_@twentiesgirlstyle_ #2Karmacloset Winter Coats Parka_@twentiesgirlstyle_ #1
Photo credit: Ashley from Twenties Girl Style
Ashley is 5’3″.

Parkas are known as a casual piece in your winter wardrobe. A classy way to elevate the look is by selecting a parka with a fur trim hood. We recommend one with removable faux fur, making this piece very easy to dress up or down.

Parka Options

Winter Coats 8: Wax-Coated Parka

Karmacloset Winter Coats_ waterproof parka_@dresscorilynn_ #2Karmacloset Winter Coats_ waterproof parka_@dresscorilynn_ #1
Photo credit: Cori from Dress Cori Lynn
Cori is 4’11″.

Wax-coated parkas are perfect for winter because snow and rain glides right off. These are the best storm-proof coats! They have a sporty look while still staying stylish. They keep you very dry and warm, which is a must if you live in or are traveling to snowy areas.

Wax-Coated Parka Options

Winter Coats 9: Puffer Coat

A puffer coat offers the most warmth than all the other options listed above. This is because down feathers are sewn within the coat. While selecting a puffer coat, always make sure to check on the percentage of down feathers it has. The higher the percentage, the warmer the coat!

karmacloset Winter Coats_ fitted puffer _@LaurenParry_ #2karmacloset Winter Coats_ fitted puffer _@LaurenParry_ #1

The puffer coat is one of our favorites because of how warm it is. Thanks to the warmth, you don’t need to wear heavy layers underneath. You can be comfortable wearing only a long sleeve shirt and jeans.
Sometimes a puffer coat can be big and overwhelming, so we recommend searching for a tailored one if you want to look refined and polished.
We also love that it’s packable. Some can even be folded to fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it perfect for traveling or throwing in your bag to be prepared for a surprise cold snap.

Puffer Coat Options