We help petite women find that fit.

What’s Karmacloset?

Karmacloset is a personalized online fashion magazine.

Think Vogue.com marries Pinterest, but shoppable.

Every piece in your magazine is modeled by a fashion influencer who shares your body type and size.

You  can see how a piece of clothing fits without trying it on, saving time and frustration. You can be inspired by amazing styles from influencers with similar body type and size. 

No matter your size and shape, we want to help you easily find clothes that fit.

We want you to look and feel confident so you can accomplish bigger and better things  in life.

For us, that’s good Karma.

That’s why we call ourselves Karmacloset.

Why did we start?

“I wish I could lose 5 pounds.”

“My shoulders are too broad.”

“My butt is too flat.”

We hear comments like these way too often.

As women, there always seems to be something we don’t like about ourselves.

Once upon a time, we were like that, too.

Until we discovered a group of women who love their body and share their style.

They may be of different sizes, body type and color.

But they all love their body and look so confident!

That’s why we started Karmacloset, a personalized fashion magazine. 

We are here to help you find clothes that fit.

We want to show you that you are beautiful, no matter your height, size or body type!