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100 Summer dresses

for women 5'5" and under

100 Statement Tops

for women 5'5" and under

Want to feel daringly different? We suggest statement tops.

They immediately change your day-to-day style and leave you feeling refreshed.

Statement tops are bold, eye-catching and show off your personality.

You can still wear your standard pants, shoes and outerwear – just add one touch of extra flare with a statement top.

These tops are perfect for day-to-night looks. During the day, they can be mostly layered under a jacket, cardigan or blazer. At night, they are your conversation starter!

So now, without further ado, let us show you the statement tops recommended by our amazing blogger friends. Tell us your height, size and body type and we will show your best matches!

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100 Dresses

for women 5'5" and under

Fashion captures our imaginations. Want to feel edgy? Romantic? Or strong like a girl boss? There is always an outfit to help you feel that way.

Dresses are an easy choice. With just one piece of clothing, you are ready to take on the world.

Dresses are empowering. They are unique vocabulary of female expression.

With the help of our community, we have found you hundreds of petite dresses.

From day dresses, to party dresses, to flowy maxi dresses – we’ve got you covered, girl. Tell us your height, size and body type and our influencers will show off their recommendations.

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100 Jeans

for women 5'5" and under

Whether you are a supermodel or super uninterested in fashion, chances are you wear jeans.

No matter the season, jeans always have a place in your closet. The same jeans may live there for years.

However, jeans shopping can be frustrating. Even different styles from the same brand can fit differently, which makes finding the perfect fit a challenge.

Look no further, our amazing fashion influencers have found your perfect pair. The options come in different sizes and styles to match your body type, and they look absolutely stunning.

Tell us your height, size and body type and our influencers will show off their recommendations.

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