Body Positivity and Karmacloset

Hi love,

This is Daisy, the founder of Karmacloset.

Body positivity is core to everything we do.

Let’s get started with three stories.

There is always something we don’t like about our bodies.

I met a beautiful girl, Jen, at a party.

She was sooooooo gorgeous. Fit. Tan. Long wavy hair. Sparkling, big eyes. Every guy in the room either went to talk to her or wanted to talk to her.

When we chatted, she told me, “My shoulders are so broad. I always want to hide them.”

I was shocked.


I took a photo of my friend, Liz.

It was an artsy silhouette taken from behind of her sitting beside a bright blue, beautiful lake.

Liz is a strong and successful PR professional.

She is also the most confident girl I know.

To my surprise, she told me to not share her photo on Facebook because she thought her back was too wide.

These scenarios may sound achingly familiar.

As time goes on, stories like this happen over and over again.

There is always something we don’t like about our bodies.


I was no exception.

I’m 5’5”, but I have disproportionately short legs.

Finding pants that are perfect for my body type and leg length was such a challenge.

It was common for me to bring fifteen pairs of pants to the dressing room and have none of them fit.

It made me feel like I didn’t belong.

It sucked.

My journey to body positivity.

Over the years, two things changed my perspective.

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Italy, and pants magically fit.

Looking at that nicely put together girl in the mirror, I instantly felt so much better about my body and even about myself as a person.

As it turns out, Italians prefer pants with a high waist and cropped length. Lucky for me, that fit worked perfectly.

It dawned on me, if how I feel can change so quickly, why can’t I just find things that fit? Why did I keep blaming my body and feeling horrible about myself?

After that, my improved confidence about my body led me to start blogging.

I met so many amazing fashion bloggers with killer styles.

They arrived in my life in different body types, sizes, heights, colors and ages.What they have in common is they all look stunning.

And, though they look perfect in pictures, many of them have put in a lot of work to claim their self love and find their style.

Inspired by these amazing women, I realized: I can do it, too.

It was a long process to get rid of negative thoughts. I am still battling them from time to time.

But now, I am so much better at loving myself, including my short legs (I’m saying this affectionately 😅). I am also better at styling myself to look taller.

Once I accepted myself and how I looked, I became a better person.

I am more confident and I am nicer to others, which has led to many positive changes in my life.

I definitely want to share this experience with you.

Why Karmacloset?

All of these experiences led me to create Karmacloset.

My hope is to share with you amazing styles from fashion influencers with your body type. You need to see how amazing you can look!

Karmacloset features relevant fashion finds so that you don’t have to spend time hunting.

I want Karmacloset to be a resource that provides tools, tips and stories in order to help you find your own body positivity and style confidence.

We will cheer you on along the way.

That’s good Karma. Let us know how we can help.